The Cooler Bandits


Year: 2013
Country: USA
Run Time: 112 minutes

In 1991 a group of four African-American teens committed a series of robberies at restaurants in Akron, Ohio. Coming from bleak neighborhoods hit hard by poverty and the effects of the 80s crack epidemic, these young men made poor decisions that led to enormous consequences. Armed and sporting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles masks, they forced employees into walk-in coolers before making off with the cash. They were eventually caught and, despite the fact that they never killed or injured anyone, were sentenced to shockingly long prison sentences. Frankie Porter got up to 528 years, while Richard “Poochie” Roderick and Charlie Kelly each received 68-159 years. Donovan Harris was given the lightest sentence of 16-50 years, mainly because he was the only one who could afford a lawyer. While no one disputes their guilt, many wonder if the punishment fit the crime. THE COOLER BANDITS follows Roderick and Kelly as they finally near freedom after 20 trying years of incarceration. This affecting documentary captures their reintegration into a world that is now completely foreign to them. —E.F.

John Lucas

Executive Producer
Allison Coudert

John Lucas, Sam Pollard, Claudia Rankine, Julie Janata, Tracy Biga MacLean, Duncan MacLean

John Lucas, Alicia Robbins, Richard Roderick

Jason Pollard

Director Bio
John Lucas is a filmmaker from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. He has worked as a documentary photographer for over 20 years and is represented by OK Harris Works of Art in New York City. Lucas currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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Print Source

Still Moving Films

Community Partner

Legal Aid Society

Media Partner

Akron Life Magazine

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