The Invisible Collection (A Colešāo Invisível)


Year: 2013
Country: BRAZIL
Run Time: 89 minutes

After a tragic incident leaves Beto, a smooth city dweller, with nothing, he returns to the old family business: a dingy antique shop. At the mercy of his overbearing mother, Beto searches for anything to occupy his mind. He stumbles across an odd transaction in the dusty record books: hundreds of priceless drawings sold to a man named Samir. Beto sets out into the Brazilian countryside to find Samir and is eventually led to a dilapidated plantation on the fringes of a tiny town devastated by the fall of the cocoa industry. Clearly unwelcome, Beto struggles to find out anything he can about the drawings and their reclusive owner, only to be met with resistance at every turn. Filled with flawed, complicated characters whose actions are the product of distrust and fear, THE INVISIBLE COLLECTION is a suspenseful drama that perfectly captures life in an impoverished town. Through his interactions with the town’s inhabitants, Beto undergoes an edifying transformation. (In Portuguese with subtitles) —C.P.

Bernard Attal

Diana Gurgel

Bernard Attal, Sergio Machado, Iziane Mascarenhas

Matheus Rocha

Karen Harley

Principal Cast
Vladimir Brichta, Walmor Chagas, Ludmila Rosa

Director Bio
Bernard Attal, born in France, radically changed careers in his mid-40s to study filmmaking at The New School in New York City. He's been living in Brazil since 2005.

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Print Source

Santa Luzia Filmes

Community Partner

ICA Art Conservation

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