The Japanese Dog (Câinele Japonez)


Year: 2013
Country: ROMANIA
Run Time: 85 minutes

When a flood strikes Costache's village in Romania, his wife Maria and all of their possessions are swept away. Now in a village shelter, Costache refuses to sell his land and move onward. He has plans to re-build and refuses help and advice from his neighbors. The village is all he has left, except for an estranged son now living in Tokyo. But when his son Ticu hears of his mother's death and father's plight, he arrives unexpectedly with his Japanese wife and son to bring Costache back home with him. This will not be simple. Ticu fled Romania with many issues left unresolved, the biggest being his relationship with his father. Now there is a whole new family for Costache to deal with, old scores to settle, and painful good-byes to say. Told with beautiful simplicity and infused with subtle power, THE JAPANESE DOG is a moving tale of loss and recovery. As Costache sifts through the rubble of his life, he may just find more than enough to build himself a future. (In Romanian with subtitles) —C.R.

Tudor Cristian Jurgiu

Tudor Giurgiu, Bogdan Craciun

Iona Antoci, Gabriel Gheorghe, Tudor Cristian Jurgiu

Andrei Butica

Dragos Apetri

Principal Cast
Victor Rebengiuc, Serban Pavlu, Laurentiu Lazar, Kana Hashimoto, Toma Hashimoto, Iona Abur, Alexandrina Halic, Toma Cuzin

Director Bio
Tudor Cristian Jurgiu is a Romanian writer and director. This is his first feature film. It took the Third Place Cinefondation Award at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival and won the Competition 1-2 Award at the 2013 Warsaw International Film Festival.

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