The New Black


Year: 2013
Country: USA
Run Time: 80 minutes

Centered around the 2012 battle for Marriage Equality in Maryland, this empowering and disturbing documentary highlights a rarely discussed aspect of the struggle for gay rights. Referred to as the “unfinished business” of Civil Rights within the African-American community, this film explores the unique challenges for black LGBT individuals. THE NEW BLACK welcomes everyone under its tent. In addition to outspoken LGBT activists, we hear from ministers of African-American churches and politicians from both sides. What emerges are some enlightening and unsettling viewpoints and belief systems. We learn how various political groups have exploited African-Americans’ fears and faith to oppose marriage equality, trying to redefine it as not a civil rights issue at all. Here are LGBT people fighting not only the prejudices of society, but also deeply rooted historic and religious beliefs in their own community. How do you define your opponents, let alone fight them? THE NEW BLACK offers some startling answers and insights into this question. Joyous, bold, and balanced, this film will open your eyes as well as your heart. —C.R.

Yoruba Richen

Yoruba Richen, Yvonne Welbon, Angela Tucker

Yoruba Richen, Erin Casper

Nadia Hallgren, Garland McLaurin

Erin Casper, Ali Muney

Director Bio
Yoruba Richen is a writer, producer, and director. In 2007 she won a Fulbright Award in Filmmaking. She teaches documentary film at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and is a Guggenheim Fellow.

Select Filmography
"Promised Land" (2009), THE NEW BLACK (2013)

Print Source

The Film Collaborative

Community Partner

Equality Ohio Education Fund

Sistah Sinema

LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland

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