The Sacrament


Year: 2013
Country: USA
Run Time: 95 minutes

In THE SACRAMENT, two media correspondents follow their friend as he sets out to find his missing sister. The journey takes them outside the U.S. to an undisclosed location where over 200 people are living in a strange religious utopia. When they find his sister, it becomes clear that the place they've come to is anything but paradise. This is further confirmed when they meet the creepy leader who is only known as “father.” Their plan for a heart-warming documentary about reunited siblings turns into a nightmare that threatens to take their lives. Director Ti West (“The Innkeepers”) set out to make a movie that examines the final days in the life of a cult member. It examines the psychological factor that goes into their almost mindless behavior. Instead of going for cheap thrills and pointless gore, this horror film is more elevated, offering an intelligent take on the genre. But don't let the smart stuff scare you off—produced by Eli Roth (“Hostel,” “Cabin Fever”), THE SACRAMENT is also completely terrifying. —E.F.

Ti West

Eli Roth, Jacob Jaffke, Peter Phok, Christopher Woodrow, Molly Conners

Ti West

Eric Robbins

Ti West

Principal Cast
Joe Swanberg, AJ Bowen, Kentucker Audley, Amy Seimetz, Gene Jones

Director Bio
Ti West is a director, producer, and writer from Wilmington, Delaware. His 2011 horror flick "The Innkeepers" won Scariest Film at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. He attended The School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Select Filmography
"The Roost" (2005), "Trigger Man" (2007), "The House of the Devil" (2009), "Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever" (2009), "The Innkeepers" (2011), THE SACRAMENT (2013)

Print Source

Magnolia Pictures

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