The Zigzag Kid (Nono, Het Zigzag Kind)


Year: 2013
Run Time: 95 minutes

As the son of famous inspector Jacob Feierberg, 12-year-old Nono has already learned some serious detective tricks from his dad. As fun as their training sessions are, Nono has questions about his mom, who died when he was little. Jacob, however, is still unable to speak about his wife or her death. Uncomfortable with his son's curiosity, he sends him off to his Uncle Shmuel's for a visit. On the train ride there, Nono meets notorious thief Felix Glick, who invites him on a secret mission. Lured in by the excitement and the chance to prove his skills, he decides to tag along. The adventure they embark on is as every bit as exhilarating as he'd imagined. When they encounter the beautiful Lola (played perfectly by Isabella Rossellini), Nono realizes that his journey with Glick is more than just some pointless thrill ride. Together they uncover the mystery of his mother, giving Nono the answers he's been desperately seeking. THE ZIGZAG KID is a fun and magical coming-of-age story the whole family can enjoy. (In English, Dutch, and French with subtitles) —E.F.

Vincent Bal

Burny Bos, Els Vandevorst

Vincent Bal, Jon Gilbert

Walther Vanden Ende

Peter Alderliesten

Principal Cast
Isabella Rossellini, Thomas Simon, Burghart Klaussner, Fedja Van HuÍt, Jessica Zeylmaker, Camille De Pazzis

Director Bio
Vincent Bal is a writer, director, and actor who was born in Belgium in 1971. He studied directing at Sint-Lukas School in Brussels. In 2008 he co-created the animated children's show Kika & Bob.

Select Filmography
"Man of Steel" (1999), "Miss Minoes" (2001)—27th CIFF, "10 Jaar Leuven Kort" (2004), THE ZIGZAG KID (2013)

Print Source

Menemsha Films

This film is presented with the generous support of ALISTAIR and JOYCE FYFE.

Film Sponsor

FirstMerit Bank

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