Watchers of the Sky


Year: 2014
Run Time: 114 minutes

Before German lawyer Raphael Lemkin coined the word in the late 40s, the term “genocide” didn't exist. Of course the acts that it described did; but there was no way to properly explain them and no definition by which to punish those who committed them. It's crazy to think that a word could be so important. But as WATCHERS OF THE SKY reveals, it was a monumental moment for the cause. Lemkin, who lost 49 family members in the Holocaust, devoted his life to campaigning for international laws that would forbid genocide. Inspired by A Problem From Hell, the Pulitzer Prize-winning book by journalist Samantha Powers, this gripping film explores the critical work of the late Lemkin, as well as four modern day activists who continue his crusade against violence and hate. While the atrocities of Hitler may be in the past, the evil that fueled him is still very much alive, as evidenced by the recent situation in Syria. Edet Belzberg's inspiring documentary is a powerful reminder that the fight for human rights is an ongoing battle. (In Zaghawan, Spanish, and French with subtitles) —E.F.

Edet Belzberg

Edet Belzberg, Amelia Green-Dove, Kerry Propper

Sam Cullman, Mai Iskander, Jerry Risius, Nelson Walker III

Jenny Golden, Karen K. H. Sim


Director Bio
Edet Belzberg is a documentary filmmaker from Los Angeles. In 1997, she received an M.A. from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs. She was nominated for an Academy Award® for "Children Underground" in 2002.

Select Filmography
"Children Underground" (2001—25th CIFF, "Gymnast" (2005), "The Recruiter" (2008), WATCHERS OF THE SKY (2014)

Print Source

Propeller Films

Community Partner

Global Ties Akron

Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage

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