Year: 2013
Country: YEMEN, USA
Run Time: 60 minutes

YEMENIETTES tells the incredibly inspiring story of a group of teenage girls from Yemen who start their own business. After years of gender inequality and poor education, a new generation of Yemeni females is beginning to empower themselves. Thanks to teachers and parents who encourage this change, the girls in the film enter their company, Creative Generation, into an entrepreneurship competition. There they showcase a series of solar products they’ve developed, aimed to improve the lives of their people. As they speak about technology and innovation, it's easy to forget they're kids. Their passion, excitement, and positivity are extremely contagious. This uplifting documentary follows them as they move through the rounds, inching towards a slot at the pan-Arab championships in Doha, Qatar. If they win, Creative Generation would receive funding, turning their idea into a fully legitimate operation. Furthermore, it would give hope to other girls in the region, contributing to a new culture of equality. There's no doubt about it—you'll be rooting for these amazing girls all the way to the end. Note: Recommended for pre-teens and older. (In Arabic with subtitles) —E.F.

Shawn Thompson

Leon Shahabian, Denise Jabbour

Leon Shahabian

Bachar Khattar

Shawn Thompson, Joseph Assi

Director Bio
Shawn Thompson is from Upper Marlboro, Maryland. He began his career in the 90s as an actor on Aaron Spelling's musical drama The Heights. In 2003 he earned the Audience Choice Award at the Beverly Hills Film Festival for his short "Shotgun Wedding."

Select Filmography
"I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia" (2003), YEMENIETTES (2013)

Print Source

Layalina Productions

Film Sponsor

Kiwanis Foundation of Cleveland

Hathaway Brown

iMagine Film Festival

Community Partner

HER Ideas in Motion

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