Cleveland International Film Festival } March 30 – April 10, 2022


Ask us about our favorite things.

Marcie Goodman

Marcie Goodman
Executive Director

Gilda, Dash, Li, Chanel, Junior, and Louie | Car washes | Broadway | Chocolate | Books

Patrick Shepherd

Patrick Shepherd
Associate Director

Family and friends | Cleveland's Ohio City neighborhood | Ohio's 88 counties | Public broadcasting | Jeeps

Mallory Martin

Mallory Martin
Artistic Director

Ollie Bear | Puzzles | Hiking | New Orleans | Gardening

Debby Samples

Debby Samples
Marketing & Media Director

Baby Bernadette | All things Cleveland | Live music | Exploring the Metroparks | Booping and singing

Debbie Marshall

Debbie Marshall
Membership Director &
Operations Manager

Louie (and dogs in general) | Canada | Fleetwood Mac | Dance Parties | Potato products

Beth Steele Radisek

Beth Steele Radisek
Special Programs Director
FilmSlam, Submissions & Volunteers

American flags | Mason, Minnie and Smitty | Veterans | Christmas | Family

Allie Freeman

Allie Freeman
Development Manager

Burning Man | Gardening | Film | Macrame | Traveling

CIFF45 Streams Staff

Andrew C Ahlgren

Elena Bonomo

Hannah Bothner

Amy Brown

Mary Brown

Danielle Davis

Matt Dilts-Williams

Jason-David Evans

Jennifer Feierabend

Samira Hassan

Marlie Erika Hooper

Kyle H. Johnson

Chelsea Kertes

Paul (PK) Kosiewicz

Deidre McPherson

Bridget Messaros

Robert Moore

Polly Mytinger

Delena Obermaier

Kelsey Parks

Dee Perry

Robin Robinson

Sarah Roffman

Kristen Romito

Maria Schofield

Brittany Schultz

Eric Siler

Paul Sloop

Aaron Spears

Gail Sullivan

Grace Sullivan

Mary Beth Synk

Robert John Torres

Jen Vinson

Mark Yasenchack

Dylan Zsigray

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