Cleveland International Film Festival } March 27 – April 7, 2019 } Tower City Cinemas
Film Festival Amazon Alexa Skill

Film Festival Amazon Alexa Skill

Want to know about a film played at CIFF? Lucky for you, our entire 5,843 film archive is now accessible by voice.

The Cleveland International Film Festival is pleased to announce its Film Festival Alexa Skill. It enables users of the popular Amazon Echo family of products to request film synopses, film times, categories, and general festival information using only their voice. It's the first Alexa Skill for any multi-day festival (film or otherwise) in the United States, and is freely available now.

Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service featured in products such as the Amazon Echo, Dot, and Tap. Alexa can do everything from playing music to checking the weather and controlling the lights in your home. Here are some examples of questions Alexa can answer about the Cleveland International Film Festival.

  • Alexa, ask the Film Festival, tell me more about The Hero.
  • Alexa, ask the Film Festival, what World Tour films were showing on April 9th, 2017?
  • Alexa, ask the Film Festival, what films were screened on April 6th, 2017?
  • Alexa, ask the Film Festival, get me information about Kings of Summer.
  • Alexa, ask the Film Festival, when does the festival take place?
  • Alexa, ask the Film Festival, what is Breaking Balls about?
  • Alexa, ask the Film Festival, where is Tower City Cinemas?
  • Alexa, ask the Film Festival, how much are tickets?
  • Alexa, ask the Film Festival, when did California Typewriter play?
  • Alexa, ask the Film Festival, what's their phone number?
  • Alexa, ask the Film Festival, what categories of films are shown?
  • Alexa, ask the Film Festival, what films are playing on April 8th?
  • Alexa, ask the Film Festival, what movies were playing at night on March 31st, 2017?
  • Alexa, ask the Film Festival, what does Patrick like?

To enable the skill, users of Amazon Echo, Dot, or Tap users can simply say, "Alexa, Enable Film Festival Skill" or the skill can also be installed via the Amazon Alexa App.

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Having #CIFF42 withdrawal? Then join CIFF Short Film Program Manager Paul Sloop this Saturday, April 21st at 7PM at Case Western Reserve University Strosacker Auditorium for the Best of CIFF42 Short Program! The line-up will include the CIFF42 trailer, as well as eight of our short film award-winners. Show your CIFF pass and get in for free. No CIFF pass? No problem! General public cost is just $4.

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What Do You Want Alexa To Do?

Alexa is a brand-new service, and we're continually working to improve our Alexa Skill and create the features that our patrons want most. Let us know what features you'd like to see for CIFF42!



The Film Festival Alexa Skill was designed and developed by our partners at FORM, an interactive agency in Cleveland, OH that focuses on nonprofit and arts + culture organizations.

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