Cleveland International Film Festival } April 7 – April 20, 2021

CIFF's Karaoke From Your Couch, presented by Pierre's Ice Cream

Step up to the mic or sit back and enjoy the show!

Sunday, April 11, 2021 7:00 PM

Pierre's Ice Cream

Join us for CIFF's Karaoke From Your Couch, presented by Pierre's Ice Cream!

Cleveland's own Mike Wendt will set the stage for a night of singing and showing off!

Show up dressed as your favorite singer or in your paJAMas (see what we did there). Anything goes during this night of virtual karaoke!

If you would like to step up to (or drop) the mic, make sure you have YouTube up on another tab of your browser for lyrics and sound. Otherwise kick back with your favorite beverage(s) and enjoy the show! The winners, as judged by the CIFF team, will take home two CIFF46 passes!

How it Works:

  • Join us on Remo for this virtual event, presented by Pierre's Ice Cream.
  • Create a free Remo account ahead of the event and register for CIFF's Karaoke From Your Couch by clicking on "Save me a spot!" on the event landing page. For you procrastinators (no judgement), you can also 'Join the event!' by creating an account just before the event starts.
  • Once the event begins, you'll land on the virtual event floor as a circular avatar with your first initial or a photo of yourself, if you have uploaded one.
  • Take seat at any of our virtual communal tables (or by yourself if solo is your thing) by double-clicking on the table you'd like to join. You'll have the option to turn on your mic and video (if you'd like) and chat with others at your virtual table at the start of the event.
  • Once we start kicking out the jams, your screen will be transformed from the event floor and tables into presentation mode where our Master of Ceremonies and KJ, Mike Wendt will invite brave and talented karaoke singers up onto the virtual stage for the performance of a lifetime!
  • If you would like to sing a song, use the private chat feature to message KJ Mick Wendt, and be sure to include the following information: Your name, the name of the artist/band/group, and the name of the song you'd like to sing. While you're waiting for your moment in the spotlight, pull up another tab on your web browser and queue up your song on YouTube, making sure to play any ads on the YouTube link before you come up on the virtual stage.
  • KJ Mike Wendt will call you up to the virtual stage when it's your time to shine.
  • At the end of the event, there will be two prizes awarded: Best Vocals and Most Entertaining. Both winners will receive two CIFF46 passes, so this is not the time to hold back your talent or your theatrics!

For more information on how to Remo, check out their easy Remo Event Guide for Guests.

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