Cleveland International Film Festival } March 30 – April 10, 2022


CIFF45 Tickets & Passes

Each CIFF45 Streams ticket and pass is a revocable license that may be withdrawn, and access refused, at any time at the sole discretion of the Cleveland International Film Festival. 

Sharing your CIFF Streams access with another individual outside of your household is considered an act of piracy, which will be monitored, and any violations will result in the automatic suspension of CIFF Streams access without refund.

 All CIFF45 Streams films and shorts programs are limited to a maximum number of streams set by distributors and therefore, all CIFF45 Streams films and shorts programs are available on a first come, first served basis until sold out. Tickets to films may sell out (TICKETS SOLD OUT) and films may become unavailable to stream for passholders (SOLD OUT).

Due to the streaming environment of this year’s Festival, ticket purchases are limited to one ticket per film per order. All CIFF45 Streams films and shorts programs are limited to one stream per film or shorts program per ticket and per passholder account. Ticket holders will have 48 hours to stream a CIFF45 Streams film or shorts program once “Play” is selected on the film. While CIFF45 Streams films and shorts programs may be temporarily paused or rewound, they cannot be stopped and resumed at a later time or rewatched. Doing so will result in the inability to stream the film or shorts program.

CIFF Membership Policies:

CIFF Memberships are annual and only valid for one Festival cycle. The majority of members will be issued a renewal date one year from the time of their membership purchase. However, CIFF Memberships will not be issued for two Festival cycles. As a result, CIFF Memberships purchased in March or April will be issued a renewal date at the end of February for the following year. 

CIFF Memberships are per individual. Memberships and passes cannot be transferred or shared with other individuals. Members in violation of this will have their membership revoked without refund.

CIFF Memberships are tax deductible to the maximum amount allowed by law unless otherwise noted. CIFF members receive goods and services in exchange for their contribution, the value of which often exceeds their contribution, depending on the level of use. With the exception of members at the Super Streamer level, it is up to the individual to determine the tax deductible value of their contribution based on their level of use. 

By purchasing a CIFF Membership you agree to adhere to the CIFF Code of ConductFailure to observe organizational policies regarding member conduct at CIFF events and in CIFF spaces may result in termination of membership without refund.

Distributor Restrictions Apply

Films in the CIFF45 Streams program will be available for streaming nationwide in the United States and major U.S. territories, unless otherwise noted. Some films are geo-restricted to viewers in Ohio only or regionally (to viewers in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania). Geo-restrictions on films are listed under the “Access” section of the film’s description page. Applying the “Watching From” filter on the Schedule page will generate a listing of all CIFF45 Streams films and shorts programs available to stream from a specific location. Please note: Geo-restrictions are based on the current location (and IP address of the viewer while streaming and are not determined by the primary address or residency of viewers. 

Some films, referred to as Scheduled Screenings, will only be available to stream for a limited time during CIFF45 Streams. Any Scheduled Screening dates and times are listed on the film’s description page and on the Schedule page by applying the “SCHEDULED SCREENINGS ONLY” box.

All films in the CIFF45 Streams program are limited to a maximum number of available streams on a first-come, first-served basis. Once all tickets to a film are sold, the film will be marked as “TICKETS SOLD OUT” on the CIFF website. Pre-existing ticket holders for that film and CIFF passholders will still be able to stream the film. When a film’s status has been marked “TICKETS SOLD OUT” and the passholder streaming cap on a film is reached, the film’s status will be updated to “SOLD OUT”, and the film will be unavailable to stream for passholders. However, pre-existing ticket holders for the film will still be able to stream the film. We suggest you prioritize the films you’d like to stream first.

Refunds & Exchanges Policy

CIFF45 Streams memberships and passes cannot be refunded.

CIFF45 Streams tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged, except in the case of a cancelled film. CIFF is not responsible for technical disruptions to the extent that performance is prevented by force majeure (conditions beyond the control of CIFF, including an act of God, acts of terrorism, voluntary or involuntary compliance with any regulation, law, or order of any government, war, acts of war (whether war be declared or not), labor strike or lock-out, civil commotion, epidemic, failure or default of public utilities or common carriers, destruction of production facilities or materials by fire, earthquake, storm or like catastrophe. Refunds and exchanges on tickets, virtual vouchers, and passes will not be issued for technical difficulties with an individual's infrastructure or equipment.

Exchanges, when possible, will be subject to a $2 processing fee per order. Unused CIFF45 Streams tickets, virtual vouchers, and passes cannot be refunded or exchanged. Refunds and exchanges will not be issued after 11:00 PM ET on April 20, 2021.  

CIFF45 Streams Program

Visit HERE for the latest CIFF45 Streams programming updates. Programs and schedules are subject to change without notice. The Film Festival reserves the right, in rare instances, to postpone, reschedule, or cancel any film or screening. 


The CIFF website and the CIFF Streams platform are both equipped with the UserWay accessibility widget which allows users to make adjustments and enhancements to visuals, audio, and layout on both the CIFF website and the CIFF Streams platform’s website. Look for the blue and white circular icon located in the corner of the CIFF website and the CIFF Streams platform’s website, and click on the icon for a list of available adjustments to the user experience on either website.

Available accessibility features on films such as English subtitles, closed captioning, and audio descriptions will be noted, along with any limitations. These are listed on each film’s description page under the Accessibility section.  

All CIFF45 Streams Filmmaker Conversations are closed captioned, and live CIFF filmmaker events will feature an ASL interpreter.

Rating System

Most independent and international films are unrated by the M.P.A.A..Therefore, viewer discretion is advised, and any content warnings in a film or shorts program’s description should be heeded. 

It is not recommended that children under the age of ten view CIFF45 Streams films, except for films and shorts programs included in the Family Films sidebar


Sharing your CIFF45 Streams tickets, memberships, or passholder access with another individual outside of your household is considered an act of piracy, which will be monitored, and any violations will result in an immediate suspension of CIFF45 Streams access without refund.

The CIFF Streams platform uses multi-DRM technology to prevent piracy. Users caught committing acts of piracy will have their CIFF45 Streams access revoked without refund and will be turned over to law enforcement authorities.

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