Cleveland International Film Festival } March 27 – April 7, 2019 } Tower City Cinemas
You are currently viewing the CIFF42 lineup. Programming for CIFF43 will be announced in early March 2019.


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Students from Northeast Ohio middle, junior high, and high schools have the extraordinary opportunity to see new films by some of the world’s most innovative filmmakers.

Celebrating its 26th anniversary, FilmSlam® is the Cleveland International Film Festival’s media literacy program and mini-festival of films for students.  FilmSlam® aims to educate students about evaluating and critiquing the messages they perceive while viewing films. Film can be less intimidating than many other art forms because of its prominent role in American culture. Therefore, it is a logical conduit through which social messages (such as the importance of the prevention of domestic violence and the eradication of discrimination) can be sent to young audiences.

FilmSlam® serves as an effective program to provide students with deep learning opportunities that go beyond the acquisition of basic skills. These include: the ability to foster thought-provoking discussion, analysis, and awareness of media communication forms and genres; critical thinking; curiosity; and social emotional growth.

For more information or to make reservations, please contact Beth Steele Radisek, FilmSlam Director, at 216.623.3456 x13 or

Support Provided By:

Cleveland Foundation

Cuyahoga Community College

Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation

Kiwanis Foundation

Martha Holden Jennings Foundation

Ohio Arts Council


Third Federal Foundation

Chef Flynn

Directed By Cameron Yates
Running Time: 83 Minutes

There are those of us who can barely boil water and then there is Flynn McGarry. The product of a very nontraditional family, Flynn exhibited a passion and skill for cooking before he entered his teens. His parents turned his... {more}


Directed By Aaron Kopp, Amanda Kopp
Running Time: 77 Minutes

From a classroom in a Swazi orphanage comes the story within the story of fictional LIYANA, a brave young girl who sets out on an incredible journey to save her twin brothers, with the help of her loyal bull. Born... {more}

Science Fair

Directed By Cristina Maria Costantini, Darren Foster
Running Time: 90 Minutes

We all remember the science fair from school. We’d make a battery from a lemon and use bright markers to decorate those cardboard displays. As you’ll see in SCIENCE FAIR, these competitions are way more important. The smartest students will... {more}

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