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Barefoot (Po strnisti bos)

Directed By Jan Sverak
Running Time: 104 Minutes

Eda is a rather timid young boy growing up in the city of Prague during World War II. When the Germans arrive, Eda’s father resists their authority. This rebellion forces Eda and his family to flee Prague and retreat to... {more}

Before Summer Ends (Avant la fin de l'ete)

Directed By Maryam Goormaghtigh
Running Time: 80 Minutes

Arash only has two weeks left in France before he’s due to move back to Iran. Although he has last-minute loose ends to tie up (and a law exam for which he should be studying), his fellow Iranian ex-pat friends... {more}

Disappearance (Verdwijnen)

Directed By Boudewijn Koole
Running Time: 92 Minutes

There’s frosty tension between photojournalist Roos and her ex-concert pianist mother Louise—and it’s not just because DISAPPEARANCE is set in the snow-blanketed Norwegian mountains. The women are at odds over long-standing disagreements that are always on the precipice of boiling... {more}

Freedom for the Wolf

Directed By Rupert Russell
Running Time: 91 Minutes

What do freedom and democracy look like in the 21st century, and why are people fighting for it? Exploring these two pressing questions—and examining the moral and physical conflicts that arise as a result—is the aim of this documentary. To... {more}

Handia (Giant)

Directed By Jon Garaño, Aitor Arregi
Running Time: 114 Minutes

Sent by his father to fight in the Spanish Civil War, Martin returns years later to find his family farm impoverished and his younger brother, Joaquin, shockingly different from the young man he left behind. Afflicted with gigantism, Joaquin is... {more}

Intelligent Lives

Directed By Dan Habib
Running Time: 74 Minutes

WORLD PREMIERE How much weight does an IQ score actually hold? Considering all the different types of intelligence, can a simplistic number truly tell us what someone is capable of? Director Dan Habib, whose career has centered on films about the... {more}

Liquid Truth (Aos Teus Olhos)

Directed By Carolina Jabor
Running Time: 90 Minutes

Alex is a young boy on the swimming team. His dad is gruff, seemingly always disappointed his son never gets first place. Noticing the father’s pressure has been affecting Alex’s behavior, Coach Rubens tries to offer emotional support. Extremely outgoing,... {more}

Lots of Kids, a Monkey, and a Castle (Muchos Hijos, un Mono y un Castillo)

Directed By Gustavo Salmerón
Running Time: 91 Minutes

As a young woman, Julita Salmerón made three wishes: to have a lot of kids; to own a monkey; and to live in a castle. Through the course of her fascinating life, all three of these wishes came true. Not... {more}

Mademoiselle Paradis (Licht)

Directed By Barbara Albert
Running Time: 97 Minutes

Therese Paradis suddenly goes blind at a young age. In the darkness of her world, she grows into an extraordinarily gifted pianist. Paraded in 18th century Austrian society as a talented freak, she is captive to both the ridicule of... {more}

Meerkat Moonship (Meerkat Maantuig)

Directed By Hanneke Schutte
Running Time: 96 Minutes

Aspiring botanist Gideonette de la Rey is convinced she’s destined to die at an early age because of a family curse—a belief that only intensifies after her father suddenly passes away. As the frightened 13-year-old recoils from the world, her... {more}

The Miner (Rudar)

Directed By Hanna Slak
Running Time: 103 Minutes

With closures threatening his 30-year career as a miner, Alija is given a chance to survive layoffs by the ruthless mining company. He is to inspect a mine shut down during WWII, checking to make sure it is empty for... {more}

Money's Money

Directed By Gela Babluani
Running Time: 90 Minutes

US PREMIERE When every player in the game is amoral, follows no rules, and will do anything to win, what outcome can you expect? After a blackmailed police official accepts a cash bribe to smuggle cocaine, he is followed home by... {more}


Directed By Amit V. Masurkar
Running Time: 104 Minutes

Quirky government clerk Newton Kumar is sent out into the field to handle election duties in the conflict-ridden jungles of India. To say he takes things seriously would be a major understatement. He’s not only extremely smart and bright-eyed, but... {more}

Quality Time

Directed By Daan Bakker
Running Time: 85 Minutes

Dutch director Daan Bakker makes his feature debut with a doozy of a movie consisting of five separate tales of 30-something-year-old men wading through the waters of insecurity and ineptitude. The first part of QUALITY TIME is the story of... {more}


Directed By Anjali Nayar, Hawa Essuman
Running Time: 80 Minutes

Liberia is rich in valuable natural resources such as diamonds and timber, although the government has long allowed foreign companies to exploit these riches at the expense of the country’s citizens. Enter activist Silas Siakor, who’s determined to not only... {more}

Spoor (Pokot)

Directed By Agnieszka Holland
Running Time: 127 Minutes

Janina Duszejko has retired to a mountain village on the Czech border. She is an astrology enthusiast and a passionate advocate of animal rights. Her village, filled with cruel and ruthless hunters, trappers, and poachers, sees her as a harmless... {more}

The Testament (Ha'Edut)

Directed By Amichai Greenberg
Running Time: 94 Minutes

Dr. Yoel Halberstam, a historian at the Holocaust Institute, is trying to halt construction in a small town in Austria where 200 Jewish laborers were said to have been massacred in 1945. The mass grave was never located, documents are... {more}

Time Trial

Directed By Finlay Pretsell
Running Time: 82 Minutes

Scottish cyclist David Millar had risen to prominence before a 2004 doping scandal got him banned from the sport for two years. Eager for redemption and one final shot at the Tour de France, David began the tortuous series of... {more}

To Err Is Human

Directed By Mike Eisenberg
Running Time: 78 Minutes

WORLD PREMIERE We need to alert you to a Public Health Emergency, but it doesn’t involve that person sniffling next to you, smoking, or your weight. It involves the healthcare system itself. Medical mistakes rank as the third leading cause of... {more}

West of Sunshine

Directed By Jason Raftopoulos
Running Time: 78 Minutes

Things haven’t been going well for Jim. His gambling habit has put him deep into debt. Because of this, he’s now separated from his wife, and his young son Alex doesn’t think much of him. While these realities are certainly... {more}

You Disappear (Du forsvinder)

Directed By Peter Schønau Fog
Running Time: 120 Minutes

When Mia’s husband Frederik is caught embezzling 12 million dollars from the school where they both work, his behavior is blamed on a brain tumor found in his frontal lobe. Mood swings, fits of anger, poor judgement, and impulse control... {more}

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