Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square

(Otalia de Bahia)

Year: 1975
Country: Brazil
Run Time: 121 minutes

Director Camus has returned to the site of his classic success "Black Orpheus" (1959), and combined his talents with those of Brazil's leading author, Jorge Amado ("Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands"). This bawdy, humorous musical relates the picaresque adventures of Otalia (Mira Fonseca), a still innocent young prostitute, and the popular Martim (Antonio Pitanga), a lovable waterfront scamp. Newcomer Fonseca conveys the innocence and simplicity of a young girl who carries a doll from childhood in her luggage and won't sleep with her young boyfriend because that would be too much like what she does with her customers. BAHIA is a Brazilian paradise, a sensual world of soothing bossa-nova rhythms, handsome dancing people and luxurious seaside landscapes.

"A robust, merry and musical panorama. . ." - Judy Stone, San Francisco Chronicle

"A crowd pleaser. . ." - Variety

Marcel Camus and Jorge Amado, based on his novel

Claire Duval

Andre Domage

Andree Feix

Principal Cast
Mira Fonseca, Zeni Pereira, Maria Viana, Antonio Pitanga

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