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BEHIND THE ACTION (w/ guest Loren Janes, Hollywood Stuntman)

Year: 2001

BEHIND THE ACTION (w/ guest Loren Janes, Hollywood Stuntman)

Loren Janes, co-founder of the Professional Stuntman's Association, will share with the audience the exciting and often perilous life he leads as Hollywood's premiere stuntman. Janes will narrate the film, BEHIND THE ACTION, which features his daring stunt work. The film also shows the stars, sets, wild and domestic animals, and the special equipment used to film major stunt work and action. Included will be clips from "Bullitt" (1968), "The Sand Pebbles" (1966), "How the West Was Won" (1962), "Swiss Family Robinson" (1960), "The Other Side of the Mountain" (1975) and "What's Up, Doc?" (1972).

Loren Janes was a 25-year-old school teacher in California's San Fernando Valley when he was approached by a movie studio looking for men willing to make an 80-foot dive off a cliff on Catalina Island. Since he made that jump 25 years ago, Janes has performed stunts in more than 500 movies and 1000 TV shows.

The array of stunts compiled by Loren Janes is as numerous as it is spectacular. Included are such feats as riding an ostrich and wrestling a 27-foot anaconda snake, both of which he did for the movie "Swiss Family Robinson." In "How the West Was Won," he was called upon to leap from a moving train into a cactus.

Janes' stories concerning his professional career are numerous and entertaining. For example, while filming a night cattle stampede in "Nevada Smith" (1966), Janes was knocked down three times and in danger of being trampled. He saved himself by hooking his elbows around the horns and his legs around the head of a steer that had butted him in the stomach, and rode the beast out into the night. He returned to find the director and crew frantically searching the area where they were sure he had been trampled into the ground.

Being a Hollywood stuntman is a risky business. Yet unlike many of his colleagues, Janes has never suffered a broken bone. Running five to ten miles a day and doing gymnastics help him to stay in top shape, a necessity for all stuntmen.


Loren Janes, professional Hollywood stuntman and a frequent stand-in for actors such as Paul Newman and Steve McQueen, will talk about his daring work. Janes will also narrate his exciting film, BEHIND THE ACTION, which features his stunt work as well as the stars, sets, wild and domestic animals and special equipment used in his profession.

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