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RAIN AND SHINE, (The Devil is Beating His Wife)
(Veri Az Ordog A Feleseget)

Year: 1977
Country: Hungary
Run Time: 98 minutes

RAIN AND SHINE, (The Devil is Beating His Wife)

RAIN AND SHINE is a gutsy tale about the visit of an important government bureaucrat to a small farm town that makes a statement about the unchanging aspects of Hungarian rural life. With all the locals seeking some favor, the influential visitor is wined and dined and given a false, rose-colored view of smalltown life in this unusual comedy of manners. Slowly he reveals himself as a vacuous boor totally lacking the simple humanity of his hosts. Some of the sumptuous eating scenes will put the French cinema to shame. Imre Sarlai, as the grandfather, and Erzsi Pasztor, as the long-suffering daughter-in-law, are excellent. This is director Ferenc Andras' first feature film which won the Hungarian Critics Prize for Best Film of 1977.

"It marks the debut of a new director, Ferenc Andras, who gives the film a sensual, comic edge." - Variety

Ferenc Andras, Geza Beremenyi and Akos Kertesz

Lajos Koltai

Mihaly Morell

Principal Cast
Imre Sarlai, Lajos Szabo, Erzsi Pasztor, Zoltan Biro, Maria Fesus

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