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(Va Voir Maman, Papa Travaille)

Year: 1978
Country: France
Run Time: 103 minutes


Agnes, back to work after seven years as a housewife, has a devoted young son, Jerome. Her husband, Serge, a rock music promoter, is too busy with his job and his mistresses to give much time to either of them. On a Sunday outing to an animal park, Agnes and Jerome meet Vincent, a divorced father entertaining his precocious 10-year-old daughter Patricia. A romance blossoms between the parents and their adventures become the center of this delightful romantic comedy.

The principal players, Marlene Jobert and Philippe Leotard, make a most engaging couple, having been previously teamed in Claude Goretta's "The Wonderful Crook" (1975). Jobert, a major French film star, made her film debut in Jean-Luc Godard's "Masculin-Feminin" (1966). She has worked with France's best directors, and among her early films are Louis Malle's "Thief of Paris" (1966) and Yves Robert's "Alexandre" (1967). She widened her international reputation in Rene Clement's "Rider on the Rain" (1969) and Claude Chabrol's "Ten Days Wonder" (1971). Philippe Leotard had his first major screen part in Francois Truffaut's "Two English Girls" (1971). Since then his craggy face has become familiar to American audiences in such notable roles as the husband in Truffaut's "Such a Gorgeous Kid Like Me" (1972), the lead in Claude Jutra's "Kamouraska" (1974) and recently as the young detective in Claude Lelouch's "Cat and Mouse" (1976).

"I adored it!" - Gene Shalit, NBC-TV

YOUR TURN, MY TURN fits somewhere between "An Unmarried Woman" and "Cousin, Cousine." The performers are talented and personable, the subject is timely and there is much fresh, sharp observations on recent upheavals in living arrangements" - Andrew Sarris, Village Voice

Daniele Thompson and Francois Leterrier (from a novel by Francoise Dorin)

Klaus Hellwig, Yves Peyrot and Yves Gasser

Jean Penzer

Marie-Josephe Yoyotte

Principal Cast
Marlene Jobert, Philippe Leotard, Daniel Duval, Vladimir Andres, Valerie Pascale, Macha Meril, Sylvie Joly, Micheline Presle

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