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Year: 1981
Country: Denmark
Run Time: 100 minutes


STEPPING OUT is a refreshingly vital treatment of an all too common theme. Jens (Kurt Dreyer) and Karen (Solbjorg Hojfeldt) are both recently divorced and disillusioned, living in our modern milieu where the familiar couple-relationship has been challenged by endless experiments of a freer nature. In spite of themselves, they are drawn to each other. They know by heart the sexual debate of the Seventies and this makes their love relationship even more difficult: Who is seducing whom? When will no party dominate? When will someone give in? The bedside table is piled high with books on sexual technique, and circulating all around them are their ex-partners, their friends and their children. In these distracting and confusing circumstances, everyone has difficulty making a go of it. The question asked is whether or not Jens and Karen can retrieve their spontaneity, and dare to enter into the seemingly doomed marriage relationship.

Director Esben Hoilund Carlsen is a veteran of Danish television production and has made two other feature films.

Nils Schou

Metronome Productions A/S

Dirk Bruel

Lizzie Weischenfeldt

Principal Cast
Solbjorg Hojfeldt, Kurt Dreyer

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