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Year: 1981
Country: Norway
Run Time: 96 minutes


WITCH HUNT is the story of a young woman named Eli who arrives at a farm just as another unfortunate woman has been driven away for supposedly being a witch. The story takes place in Norway in 1630 when witches were often burned at the stake and the country was subject to Danish imperialism. Eli is a vigorous woman not only versed in the traditional feminine arts but also knowledgeable about medicine. Against all conventional rules, she has left her husband who did not care about her. Women of her era were meant to exist, endure and renounce, not seek a future of their own. Eli is allowed to stay at the farm and meets Aslak Gimra, an unusual man, and an intimacy grows between them. They must try to love together in a world where they are breaking unwritten laws and must offer each other love that is forbidden in the sight of others.

Anja Breien is a director of several feature films who received her early film training in France. Several of her films have been invited to international film festivals, including "Rape" (1971) and "Arven" (1979) to Cannes.

Anja Breien

Gunnar Svensrud

Erling Thurmann-Andersen

Principal Cast
Lil Terselius, Bjorn Skagestad

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