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Year: 1983
Country: China
Run Time: 99 minutes

Xie Tieli was born in Chinca in 1925 . He has won recognition as his country's most outstanding director for such films as "A Nameless Isle," "Hurricane," "Never To Be Forgotten," "Intimate Friends" and "Early Spring." Depictions of social life in the literature of the 1930s are of special interest to Tieli. He adapted the screenplay of BAO AND HIS SON from Zhang Tiani's novel of the same name, written in 1934. The famous author was frequently consulted during the filming of BAO AND HIS SON, resulting in a very faithful transference of the story to the screen. Lao Bao (Guan Zongxian) is a poor widower who lives with his son in a village south of the Yangtse River. All of Bao's wages, plus borrowed money, go towards his son's tuition and school books. It is Bao's lifelong dream to see his son rise above their low status through education. His sacrifices mean nothing to his selfish son, Bao Guowei (Liu Changwei), who lazily ignores his school work, spending his time toadying up to his rich classmates to fit in the "in crowd." Guowei's failing grades and expulsion from school for injuring a schoolmate destroy his father's last hopes for a better future. The deeply moving story alternates pathos with rich humor as it illustrates the contrasts between rich and poor, old and new, in a changing society. Zongxian's performance as the overindulgent father is heart-wrenching; Changwei is so convincing as the comical, but mean son that you want to strangle him.

Xie Tieli (based on the novel by Zhang Tianyi)

Beijing Film Studio

Huang Xinyi

Principal Cast
Guan Zongxiang, Liu Changwei, Duan Lian, Bao Xuan

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