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(Unerreichbare Nahe)

Year: 1984
Country: W. Germany
Run Time: 93 minutes

Since 1966, Dagmar Hirtz has worked as an assistant director and editor on numerous films, directing his first short, "Streifzuge," in 1972. Hirtz makes an impressive feature film debut with FINAL CALL, co-written with Margarethe von Trotta. It is a stylish film about complex relationships that have to surmount the difficulties of communication and lies - most often the lies that one tells oneself. The story unfolds through short scenes, shot mostly at night, creating an intimate atmosphere. Ines (Kathrin Ackermann) is a documentary filmmaker living with Andreas (Klaus Grunberg), an editor for a publishing firm. Both in their mid-30's, the lovers have been happy for years despite the fact that Ines has realized her ambitions while Andreas needs her extra attention because of his frustrated desire to be a novelist. Ines' friend, Monika (Brigitte Karner) is gried-stricken over her husband's death and attempts suicide. When Ines has Monika move in with them, Andreas resents the time Ines spends caring for her friend. Then he is shattered to learn that Ines has a 15-year-old son, a secret she has kept ever since leaving the boy at birth with his father in America. Now her son has contacted her for the first time, by a letter. But Andreas and Monika share a secret of their own. . .

". . .(The film has) an extremely well-built screenplay, sensitive direction of the actors and above all, a personal tone and an acute sense of observation of human relationships." -Le Devoir (Montreal)

-USA Premiere-

Dagmar Hirtz, Margarethe von Trotta

Dagmar Hirtz

Dietrich Lohmann

Martin Wiebel

Principal Cast
Kathrin Ackermann, Klaus Grunberg, Brigette Karner, Loni von Friedl

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