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(Les nuits de la pleine lune)


Year: 1984
Country: France
Run Time: 100 minutes


Eric Rohmer's first feature, "Le Signe Du Lion," was made in 1959, the year that ushered in the French New Wave. He continued to make short, personal films while writing and editing "Cahiers Du Cinema." Rohmer was established as a leading filmmaker in 1969 with the success of "My Night At Maud's," part of his "Moral Tales" series; followed by "Claire's Knee" and "Chloe In The Afternoon." After the "Marquise of O" and "Perceval," Rohmer began his Comedies and Proverbs series with "The Aviator's Wife." Following "Le Beau Mariage" and "Pauline At The Beach," FULL MOON IN PARIS continued this series' inspection of ironic cat-and-mouse games between the sexes. Louise (the late Pascal Ogier) lives in the suburbs with Remi (Tcheky Karyo) and maintains an apartment in Paris, where she works and sees other men. Louise tries to be independent, to "find herself" and be alone (for about 5 minutes!). At a party, Louise dances with sexy Bastien (Christian Vadim, son of Roger Vadim and Catherine Deneuve), with whom she has a fling, while keeping her relationship with Octave (Fabrice Luchini) platonic, and keeping her lover Remi on a string. Ah, moonstruck youth! An intelligent cast shines with an equally brilliant script featuring Rohmer's typically analytic, adroit dialogue.

"Invigoratingly comic. . .ranks with the very best of Rohmer." -Vincent Canby, New York Times

". . .A near perfect movie. . a world sublimely well-observed." -Vogue

". . Delicious. Rohmer's usual wit, verve and high style." -Judith Crist

Eric Rohmer

Margaret Menegoz

Renato Berta

Cecile Decligis

Principal Cast
Pascale Ogier, Fabrice Luchini, Tcheky Karyo, Christian Vadim

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