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Year: 1983
Country: Norway
Run Time: 98 minutes

Oddvar Bull Tuhus has directed several shorts and documentaries in addition to features such as "Roodblaatt Paradis," "Strike," and "Fear," in the 70's and "Fifty Fifty" in 1982. HOCKEY FEVER is a fast-paced story of the dog-eat-dog world of amateur sports. A first division hockey team finishes a poor season on the ice and at the gates with another major loss. The team's management hires a new coach from the international leagues (Joern Donner) and a new manager to shape up the team for the next season. But the newcomers see the game from different viewpoints; the coach tries to instill a sense of pride in the team while the manager isn't above advocating dirty strategies when expedient. Ricky (Rune Dybedahl) is a player who has to divide his loyalty between his girlfriend, Vera (Liv Osa) and the demands of his team. The team's training has never been more intense as it strives to rise from the lowest rung of the sport. This really puts a strain on the relationship Ricky has with Vera, but he tries to manage his love life and his committment to the team as best he can. Violence, high-pressure competition and shady business deals in amateur sports make a statement about our society, but HOCKEY FEVER also reveals the solidarity of friendship and love that makes the sport worthwhile. Action and suspense keep the viewer rooting for the team to make it to the playoffs.

-USA Premiere-

Bjarne Ronning, Oddvar Bull Tuhus

Filmgruppe I A/S

Halvor Naess

Bjoern Breigutu

Principal Cast
Rune Dybedahl, Rolf Soeder, Liv Osa, Joern Donner

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