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Year: 1984
Country: France
Run Time: 100 minutes

French filmmaker Michel Andrieu is known for his sensitive direction of "Bastien, Bastienne," a festival prize-winning hit in 1979. From the tenderness of that film, set in the countryside during WWI, Andrieu shifts to a fast-paced, contemporary adventure-thriller in LE VOYAGE. The relationship between 2 lovers, Thomas (Christophe Malavoy) and Veronique (Victoria Abril, of "Moon In The Gutter"), is just as volatile as the suspenseful journey they must make in a Peugeot loaded with explosives to Cairo. Thomas is in his 30s, a character on the fringe of society and a perfect set-up to be blackmailed by Greek and German leftists who force him to transport explosives that eventually will aid Cypriot terrorists. Thomas is doubly threatened by the risk of being caught by police for trafficing in drugs and by Veronique's death, since she is to join him in Italy. Veronique thinks they are only delivering a purchased car to an Egyptian client. When she learns the truth she is enraged that Thomas is not even for or against the political cause for which their lives are at stake. On their tail are both government agents and enemies of the blackmailers. Besides the sensitive detonators hidden in the car that can blow them up at any moment, the lovers must deal with both tender passion and distrust in a relationship that has to make its own shaky voyage towards commitment or oblivion.

Michel Andrieu

Herbert de Zaltra, Khalil Osman, Roger-Andre Larrieu

Renan Polles

Maureen Mazurek

Principal Cast
Christophe Malavoy, Victoria Abril, Victoria Cavallo, Michael Jacob

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