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(Mei You Hang Biao De He Liu)

Year: 1983
Country: China
Run Time: 93 minutes


Born in 1939, Director Wu Tianming graduated from the Beijing Film Academy and began work at Xi'an Film Studio in 1960. Today is the head of Xi'an, which is one of the major film production centers in the People's Republic of China. In 1979 he directed "Reverberations of Life," followed by "Longing For Reunion" in 1980. China's artists and writers and now officially free to deal with the disastrous and chaotic 10 year period of the Cultural Revolution. They can express today the value of the individual, balanced with that of society. RIVER WITHOUT BUOYS takes place during the later years of the cultural Revolution. Three men, of different ages and social backgrounds, share a raft on the Xiao River. What they have in common is a hard life. Gradually, their alienation from each other turns to mutual respect. Pan Laowu, the oldest of the trio, has suffered the most, having lost his livelihood and the woman he loved 40 years ago. Shi Gu, the youngest of the rafters, resists the authorities who force his lover, Gaixiu, to marry the new district leader. As Gaixiu escapes with the men on the raft, a storm and dangerous rapids must be faced along with other tests of survival, climaxed by the sacrifice of one man's life for another's. The river is a natural metaphor for history and fate while the film's very real characters reflect China's recently altered view of humanity.

Ye Weilin

Mi Baichao

Liu Changxu

Zhang Furong

Principal Cast
Li Wei, Hu Ronghua, Tang Qingming, Tao Yulin

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