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Year: 1984
Country: Canada
Run Time: 87 minutes


THE MASCULINE MYSTIQUE is the first of a new genre of "alternative" feature films produced by Canada's National Film Board. Giles Walker co-directed this unusual docu-drama with fellow NFB filmmaker John N. Smith; their curiosity about the aftermath of the feminist movement led to their exploration of the changing roles of men and women, centering of 4 men's emotions, opinions and behavior with the opposite sex. They used non-actors (Film Board employees) and improvisational techniques to achieve the film's versimilitude. Alex is married, with 2 children. Desiring more freedom, he also has a girlfriend. Ashley is a single parent, recently separated and not ready for another committment. Mort is divorced, wanting a new relationship - but on his own terms. Blue is single, looking for the "perfect woman." Meanwhile, his friend is his dog, Macklusky. Combining scenes from the 4 men's personal lives with fiction, THE MASCULINE MYSTIQUE is a funny, often poignant, sometimes enraging, but always entertaining revelation of strongly opinionated views. Giles Walker has been an award-winning director/producer/editor/ cameraman since 1972, making 14 films that deal with social and environmental concerns and psychologically compelling issues. John N. Smith's 17 films emphasize the human condition, the performing arts and education, for which has has won an Emmy, an Oscar nomination and the N.Y. Dance Festival Grand Prize.

John N. Smith, Giles Walker, David Wilson

John N. Smith, Giles Walker

Andrew Kitzanuk

David Wilson

Principal Cast
Stefan Wodoslawsky, Char Davies, Sam Grana, Eleanor MacKinnon

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