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Year: 1984
Country: United States
Run Time: 102 minutes


A graduate of the University of Wisconsin , writer-director Armyan Bernstein was a broadcast journalist and made documentaries for a New York public television station before going west to get his screenplays produced. Unhappy with the filmed versions of his screenplays for "Thank God It's Friday" and "One From The Heart," Bernstein directed WINDY CITY, his first feature, in order to maintain the spirit of his original screenplay, based in part on his own experiences growing up in Chicago. WINDY CITY is a warmly humorous and personal investigation of the close relationships, hopes and frustrations shared by "The Rogues," a group of friends that were inseparable as teenagers who are still pals now in their mid-30's. Danny (John Shea) is the central character, a struggling writer whose ambitions and early dreams of adventure are largely unfilled. One of the odd jobs he takes to finance his writing is delivering mail, which is how he meets the love of his life, Emily (Kate Capshaw). Too insecure to commit himself to a permanent relationship, Danny risks losing Emily to a more stable businessman. His other major concern is to enlist the Rogues' help in making a fantasy come true for one of their dying members. Recognizing their own dreams as illusions, the group rallies forth to make at least one a reality.

Armyan Bernstein

Alan Greisman

Reynaldo Villalobos

Clifford Jones

Principal Cast
John Shea, Kate Capshaw, Josh Mostel, Jim Borrelli

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