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ACQUA E SAPONE (Water and Soap)

Year: 1983
Country: Italy
Run Time: 100 minutes

ACQUA E SAPONE (Water and Soap)

Famed for his portrayals of comical characters, director Carlo Verdone stars as Rolando, a parochial school janitor, in ACQUA E SAPONE. When Sandy (Natasha Hovey), a beautiful American teenager modeling in Rome, needs a tutor the pudgy Rolando gets the job by posing as a priest from the school. Sandy isn't fooled for long but she doesn't expose the imposter. Instead, she blackmails him into providing her with all the delights forbidden by her strict mother (Florinda Bolkan). The "no-no's" indulged in range from pizza and pastry to fun and games in an amusement park - and bed. The unlikely love affair surmounts all obstacles to fantasy fulfullment. Rich in characterization, ACQUA E SAPONE is a frothy bubble bath of Italian humor.

Enrico Oldolni, Franco Ferrini, Carlo Verdone

Mario and Vittorio Cecchi Gori

Danilo Desideri

Antonio Siciliano

Principal Cast
Carlo Verdone, Natasha Hovey, Florinda Bolkan, Elena Fabrizi

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