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Year: 1984
Country: France
Run Time: 95 minutes

DETECTIVE is both an entertaining love story and a quirky, film-noir spoof. In a luxury hotel the lives of 4 diverse groups of people are intertwined. In one room a detective, his nephew and 2 cousins investigate a prince's assasination and spy on the other hotel guests. A married couple wait to collect a debt from a fight promoter with whom the wife is in love. He shares a room with his boxer, manager and nymphet groupies. He also owes money to a suave mafioso waiting in another room with his accountant/hit man and children. The fun lies in just going with the flow of fragmented, Godardian images and words (full of MacGuffins and red herrings) before sorting them out from their literary and film sources to solve the shaggy-dog mystery.

Alain Sarde, Philippe Setbon, with dialogue by Godard

Alain Sarde

Bruno Nuytten

Principal Cast
Nathalie Baye, Claude Brasseur, Johnny Hallyday, Jean-Pierre Leaud

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