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Year: 1983
Country: Hungary
Run Time: 89 minutes


Zsolt Kezdi-Kovacs ("The Nice Neighbor") based his controversial film on his interviews with the real-life couple he read about in a newspaper. The lyrically photographed film opens with a suicide and ends with a birth - the second, normal child born of the illicit and very intense passion of a brother/sister relationship. After her husband's suicide, Juli returns to her parents in a small village, where she Gyorgy on a bus. Their attraction leads to an erotic affair - then Juli's mother unwittingly reveals that Gyorgy is her son from an earlier marriage. By now the couple's love is obsessive and their guilt-ridden mother reports them to the police. But nothing can keep this pair apart. FORBIDDEN RELATIONS is spendidly directed and performed.

Zsolt Kezdi-Kovacs

Janos Kende

Principal Cast
Lili Monori, Miklos B. Szekely, Mari Torocsik, Jozsef Horvath

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