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GOSPEL ACCORDING TO AL GREEN (w/ guest Robert Mugge, Director)

Year: 1984
Country: Great Britain/USA
Run Time: 94 minutes

GOSPEL ACCORDING TO AL GREEN (w/ guest Robert Mugge, Director)

A sexy rhythm and blues superstar who sold 30 million records between 1971 and 1973, Al Green underwent a religious experience that led him to abandon his pop career for gospel music and Pentecostal preaching. Through a soul-barring interview, GOSPEL ACCORDING TO AL GREEN explores the charismatic singer's early career, chaotic, pivotal events of his private life and his joyous spiritual conversion. Even more stirring are Green's songs, including "Let's Stay Together," and the almost frighteningly intense performance of a 40 minute sermon, sung nonstop in an ecstatic celebration of the water-into-wine miracle. Robert Mugge's remarkable portrait of the Grammy-winning artist is both intriguing and foot-stomping satisfying for music lovers.

Robert Mugge will be in attendance.

Robert Mugge

Robert Mugge

Erich Roland

Robert Mugge

Principal Cast
Al Green, Willie Mitchell, Ken Tucker

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