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LOST HORIZON (restored version)

Year: 1937
Country: United States
Run Time: 126 minutes

LOST HORIZON (restored version)

Restored version under the auspices of the AFI.

The original roadshow version of Frank Capra's classic (1937) LOST HORIZON was 130 minutes long; subsequently it was cut down to 123, 118 and 110 minutes in various releases. After years of patient research and labor by Robert Gitt of the UCLA Film Archives, LOST HORIZON has been reissued, restored to 126 minutes, as close as possible to Capra's original intent. The story concerns a planeload of American and English passengers hijacked to Tibet. They are led to Shangri-La, a gorgeous, timeless Eden where no one grows older. Everyone finds love and happiness except for one ill-fated couple. Wo can forget Ronald Colman's and Jan Wyatt's sublime romance or the image of Margo's sudden old age and disintegration when she flees from Shangri-La?

Robert Riskin

Frank Capra

Joseph Walker

Principal Cast
Ronald Colman, Jane Wyatt, Thomas Mitchell, Margo, John Howard, H. B. Warner, Sam Jaffe

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