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Year: 1988
Country: Great Britain
Run Time: 100 minutes


Bancroft, a young British lawyer, and Decker, an American football player face one another in a hospital room. They have nothing in common - except a struggle for survival. Bancroft ultimately convinces Decker that to fight with determination and laughter - "to soar like hawks above the pigeons of the world" - is the only way to deal with the cards that life has dealt. The two break out of their hospital ward, steal an ambulance, and head for Amsterdam and "Paradise," one of the most spectacular brothels in the world. Their trip results in a bold statement about the transient nature of life and relationships. HAWKS is an uplifting film with great emotional power and wry humor.

Roy Clarke

Steve Lanning, Keith Cavele

Doug Milsome

Malcolm Cooke

Principal Cast
Timothy Dalton, Anthony Edwards, JanetMcTeer, Camille Coduri, Robert Lang, Jill Bennett

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