Cleveland International Film Festival } April 7 – April 20, 2021



Year: 2000
Country: France
Run Time: 95 minutes


Charlie Chaplin meets Dr. Hannibal Lecter by way of Terry Gilliam's "Brazil" in this tour?de-force of dark comedy and nightmare slapstick. Set in a future, famine?ravaged netherworld, DELICATESSEN portrays life in a grotesque high-rise community run from a menacing butcher shop on the first floor. Food has become so scarce that it doubles for money, yet the landiord keeps his tenants well?supplied. Where does he get his meat when all the livestock is extinct? And why have a number of handymen disappeared in quick succession? A sewer-dwelling squad of vegetarian vigilantes prepare to strike, while an ex-circus clown moves fast to avoid becoming the next entree as events hurl toward the apocalyptic climax. Bon appetit!

Gilles Adrien, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Marc Caro

Claude Ossard

Darius Khondji

Herve Schneid

Principal Cast
Marie-Laure Dougnac, Dominique Pinon, Karin Viard, Jean Claude Dreyfus

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