Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square

Short and Sweet: Five Shorts for Kids

Year: 2000
Run Time: 87 minutes


Directed by Howard McCain (15 mins.)


Directed by Chris Boebel (18 mins.)

Fat Monroe

Directed by Andrew Garrison (14 mins.)

Cooking Tandoori Chicken

Directed by Lane Janger (12 mins.)

Best Offer

Directed by Lisa Kreuger (28 mins.)

TRUMAN is a contemporary fable about a boy and his battle with the school gym rope. Everybody can climb to the top except for Truman, and his classmates are getting a little impatient!

In LIKE/ DISLIKE, a young girl has to write a paper for school, a paper like so many others. But when her family gets involved, it ends. up as a hilarious tale about their recent move.

When a young boy gets a ride home in a truck, he's surprised to find that the driver knows his family. But why is he saying all those mean things about them? FAT MONROE stars Ned Beatty, and has a delightful southern drawl.

COOKING TANDOORI CHICKEN is a story about a boy and a bully, only this bully is a girl. No matter how mean Andrea is to Luka, the teachers always like her best.

In BEST OFFER, a classic coming of age tale told with freshness and clarity, a twelve-year-old girl has to sell her horse when her family moves to the city. Despite the move, she plans to keep her horse.

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