Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square


Year: 1996
Country: Great Britain
Run Time: 85 minutes


"Are you in a gay relationship?" "Yes. Sort of. Ish. Yes. Yes, I am." It's Easter weekend, and three gay men, longtime friends, arrange to meet at a country cottage. Each has brought his particular companion; Paul and Ben have been together for five years (it's beginning to seem a lot longer); Matt and Owen have been blissful, as it were, for three months; and Will's date Adam was a mere pickup from just last night. Of these six, which ones will remain committed and who will stray? Not necessarily those you might suspect, in this knowing contemporary comedy of relationships based upon hours of improvisation getween the filmmakers and an estimated hundred gay actors. The result is a funny, thoughtful, and ironic piece of filmmaking, almost organic in the way it grew out of the performers' own group-encounter-theater sessions and true-life experiences. - Charles Cassady

Neil Hunter, Tom Hunsinger

Tom Hunsinger, Neil Hunter

Neil Hunter, Tom Hunsinger

Richard Tisdall

John Trumper

Principal Cast
James Dreyfus, Mark Sands, Andrew Ableson, Michael Urwin

Film Contact
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