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Year: 1996
Country: Great Britain/USA
Run Time: 107 minutes


Finding humor in adversity has long been a British character trait, and one couldn't get more adverse than the Miners' Strike (capital letters) of the 1980s, a long, bitter, walkout that ended with the Tory government effectively breaking the union and closing pits that had long been the economic and social lifeblood of many a rural community. In BRASSED OFF a Yorkshire colliery facing an uncertain future clings to an old mining tradition, the resident brass band, an opportunity for laborers to shine aboveground - without those things on their heads - in a nationwide musical competition to be held in the Albert Hall. But the Grimley Colliery Band's road to London is an uneasy one, wracked with doubts about their jobs, families, and more than a little bit of industrial and romantic skullduggery. But music proves teh bedrock that holds the men together, no matter what.

- Charles Cassady

"As a gritty, melancholy comedy, and most of all as a celebration of the big brass band, BRASSED OFF rings loud and clear." - Sight and Sound

Mark Herman

Mark Herman

Steve Abbott

Andy Collins

Mike Ellis

Principal Cast
Pete Postlethwaite, Tara Fitzgerald, Ewan McGregor

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