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Year: 1996
Country: Great Britain
Run Time: 104 minutes


"Gallivant (gal-e vant): To roam around for pleasure" - Merriam-Webster Dictionary. You are cordially invited on a trip around Britain, literally. Andrew K?tting packed his tricky camera, his plain-speaking grandmother Gladys ("Silly bugger!"), and his seven-year-old daughter Eden, who communicates primarily thorugh sign language, and set off on a road journey to circumnavigate the largest of the British Isles. Sticking close by the ocean shoreline, K?tting trains his lens on both the natural majesty of Her Majesty's kingdom and the occasional eccentricities of its inhabitants, his own unusual family foremost among them. There was no script, no agenda - K?tting simply wanted to record things as they happened, the ultimate Magical Mystery Tour thorugh the inquisitive eyes of an award-winning, poetic, sometimes rather dotty filmmaker. Proof that all one needs to make a superb film is a superb idea, and perhaps a map. - Charles Cassady

Nick Gordon Smith, Gary Parker

Andrew Kotting

Ben Woolford

Cliff West

David Burnand

Principal Cast
Andrew K?tting, Eden K?tting, Gladys Morris

Film Contact
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