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Year: 1995
Country: Ireland
Run Time: 90 minutes

One o'clock in the morning. Liam, an army corporal, stumbles in, drunk, at the housing estate he shares with Tina on the outskirts of a provincial Irish town. Trapped in a relationsihp blighted by mutual suspicion and hostile secrecy, husband and wife argue long into the night about what each has been up to behind the other's back during the day. Thanks to extensive and counterpointed flashbacks, we learned that for all their sniping, both Liam and Tina have something to hide. Separate indiscretions, committed during hte previous 24 hours, unfold with drastic consequences. Unlike certain recent civil and criminal trial juries we could name, the audience of GUILTRIP gets the full truth, in a cinematic DNA analysis of a toxic marriage and domestic mindgames that goes beyond he-said/she-said, into the harsher realm of he-did/she-did. No sidebars, no mistrials, no alibis for this dream team.

- Charles Cassady

Gerard Stembridge

Gerard Stembridge

Edward Guiney

Eugene O'Connor

Mary Finlay

Principal Cast
Andrew Connolly, Jasmine Russell, Peter Hanly, Michelle Houlden, Frank McCafferty.

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