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Year: 1995
Country: The Netherlands
Run Time: 86 minutes

Incest, voyeurism, and videotape are the compelling ingredients of LITTLE SISTER, a feature shot entirely with subjective camera. The sister-fixed protagonist, Martjin, is represented by his video camera. Constantly filming, he dances frenetically around the object of his affections, Daantje, after bullying his way back into her life following a long absence. The film's tone is almost playful at first, with Daantje's attitude toward her brother and his camera bouncing between indulgance and irritation. But a vague menacing tension creeps in as the hint of sexual frisson between them darkens to reveal a shared secret. Thorugh psychological manipulation and some deceptive editing of an incriminating videotape, Martjin manages to alienate both Daantje's best friend and her new boyfriend. The little sister eventually wises up to his game and takes control of the camera, but when the truth of traumatic childhood events emerges, it's not what we expect. Made on a minimal budget and with a cast and crew who were all under 30 years old, LITTLE SISTER exudes freshness and marks an entirely new and dynamic cinema in the Netherlands. In Dutch with English subtitles.

Robert Jan Westdijk, Jos Driessen

Robert Jan Westdijk

Clea de Koning, Robert Jan Westdijk

Bert Pot

Herman P. Koerts

Principal Cast
Kim van Kooten, Roeland Fernhout, Hugo Metsers III, Ganna Veenhuysen

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