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Year: 1996
Country: United States
Run Time: 87 minutes


Sexy, surreal, and entirely original, MILK & MONEY is the kind of film that is nearly impossible to pull off, and yet somehow first-time feature writer/director Michael Bergmann manages to do so with great success. David, a recent medical school drop-out, is walking casually along a New York City street. Within moments, two different beautiful women - utter strangers - have asked David for enormous favors, one which "could take several years" and one which involves a mysterious package. In each case, amiable David immediately agrees to help. This premise may be preposterous, but the acting is so winning, and the direction so assured, that the viewer is happily drawn into the film. Soon, David meets more women who make more demands, and becomes involved with a homeless Texas cattle expert, a rich man's mistress who has a Ph.D. in medieval literature and the relocation of 21 cows. Trying to guess how all these fanastical elements tie together is only one of MILK & MONEY's many gleeful pleasures. - Hamptons Intl. Film Festival

Michael Bergmann

Michael Bergmann

Ted Hartley, Michael Bergmann

Irek Hartowicz

Ardythe Ashley, Michael Bergmann, Tom Patterson

Principal Cast
Robert Petkoff, Margaret Colin, Calista Flockhart, Robert Vaughn, Peter Boyle, Dina Merrill

Film Contact
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