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Year: 1996
Country: Argentina
Run Time: 88 minutes


MOEBIUS is a work that both challenges viewers and satiates sensibilities. It is part parable, part experimental narrative, incorporating knowledge and mysticism into a web of realization and insight. Uniquely produced by a collective of Argentinian film students, the film's metaphorical structure is like a M?bius strip. A topographer named Daniel Pratt is investigating a strange problem, the disappearance of a subway train. The Buenos Aires subway system is so sprawling and complex he must call the designer (and his former teacher) to calculate the seemingly infinite range of routes the train might have taken. Stranger still, theough the train has disappeared, it can still be heard and felt; its existence is both philosophical and real. This engrossing allegory reveals how much the issue of "disappeared" political dissidents continues to obsess Argentinian life. MOEBIUS is unconventional filmmaking that explores the Borgesian questions about the nature of reality and existence, making this film a stunning metaphysical ride.

- Geoffrey Gilmore, Sundance Film Festival

Arturo O?ativia, Natalia Urruty, Gabriel Lifschitz, Pedro Cristiani, Professor Maria Angeles Mira, Professore Gustavo Masquera R.

Professor Gustavo Masquera R.

Universidad del Cine, Buenos Aires

Abel Pe?alba

Pablo Giorgelli, Alejandro Brodersohn

Principal Cast
Guillermo Angelellli, Roberto Carnaghi, Jorge Petraglia, Anabella Levy

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