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Year: 1996
Country: United States
Run Time: 87 minutes

NAKED ACTS unveils one of the final taboos in American cinema - keeping one's clothes on. Cece is the resentful daughter of '70s action star Lydia "Cool Mama" Love, whose fabulous body heated up bedroom scenes in many a blaxploitation flick. Cece vows to do better than that, and despite her mother's bitter warnings, takes a role in a low-budget 'art film' directed by a trusted friend. And 'art' it is indeed; depicting the travails of a painter, the script demands extensive nudity from actresses portraying the models. Cece has battled a weight problem for ten years, but their's a lot more to it than that as she strives to avoid total exposure before the male-dominated camera. Is Cece imagining things, or is everyone - her sweet-talking lover, her egocentric co-star/producer, even her New Age feminist mentor - trying to make her disrobe? Funny, fresh, touching, and believable, Bridgett Davis' feature debut bares all in terms of sexual politics, and is not to be confused with any other film about private parts. - Charles Cassady

Bridgett M. Davis

Bridgett M. Davis

Ms. Henri E. Norris

Herman Lew

Brunilda Torres

Principal Cast
Jake-ann Jones, John McKie, Patricia DeArcy, Ron Cephus Jones, Renee Cox.

Film Contact
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