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Year: 1996
Country: United States
Run Time: 86 minutes

It took a cabal of Clevelanders to make the movie that rips the lid off the lid business. Ex-hoods Jon and Joe run a hair clinic in financial trouble. All that's stalling a clip job by the IRS is the fact that they've put the place in the name of their brain-damaged brother Stevie, who's too incompetent to stand trial. Meanwhile the trio has one chance for escape: a pilfered client list from Hair-For-You, their arch competitor. It can uncap the name of every local man who wears a wig. But cutting the deal proves shear nightmare for hotheads who never knew when to part or go straight. The surreal dark comedy of graft and roots (all kinds) grabs you by the short-and-curlies and won't let go until there's hell toupee. Expect lots of buzz (maybe a mohawk or two) for this instant cult item by our very own Russo brothers, highlighted by razor-sharp dialogue and tightly-cropped camera work. Cameo by Sidney Greenstreet. - Charles Cassady

Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Dave Litz

Vagn Steen, Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Principal Cast
Jonathon Rea, Joe Russo, Steven G. Shindle, Joe Buck Jr., Harry Eddleman, David Hoffman

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