Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square


Year: 1997
Country: Germany/USA
Run Time: 87 minutes

Beneath the streets of Manhattan vibRATes a hidden community of rodents, a secret world with its own social stRATification, its own aristocRATs. A chance friendship between Isabella, daughter of the furry president, and Monty, a lowly sewer-dweller, sets off a fantastic narRATive. Monty harbors aspiRATions of being an artist, and his paintings prove inspiRATional for the somewhat erRATic former laboRATory test animal Rudy. Though his species regards humans, RATionally, as the enemy, Rudy secures the coopeRATion of one very special person, and seeks to exoneRATe his kind from the lethal poisons and traps deployed on their territory. But while trying to RATify a truce, Monty, Isabella and Rudy become sepaRATed and things nearly acceleRATe out of control for the hapless collaboRATors! CongRATulations to one of the most eloboRATe string-puppet movies ever. IntegRATing classic marionette skills of the celebRATed Augsburger Puppenkists performers iwth lavish sets and f/x, this G-RATed feature will reverbeRATe with a whole new geneRATion of fans. Please clean up after yourselves in the theater; we don't toleRATe it looking like a ... squirrel's nest.

Werner Morgenstern, Peter Scheerbaum (based on the novel by Tor Seidler)

Michael F. Huse

Hans Peter Clahsen

Piotr Lenar

Timothy McLeish

Principal Cast
Josef OStendorf, Lauren Hutton, Beverly D'Angelo, Jerry Stiller

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