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(Conte d'?t)

Year: 1996
Country: France
Run Time: 109 minutes

Using spare, precise brush-strokes on a canvas of the French-Atlantic towns of St. Malo and Dinan, Eric Rohmer depicts a simple July idyll in the enchanting and romantic A SUMMER'S TALE. With a month's respite before he takes a dull job, Gaspard arrives in Bretagne for a beachfront rendezvous with his flighty girlfriend, supposedly staying with friends nearby. Typically, she has neglected to show up or leave messages for him. Gaspard's solitude sparks an acquaintance with Margot, a perceptive young waitress whose lover is also very far away. "Instead of hanging around, get a girl for the summer," she advises. "There are lots of pretty girls here." Despite Gaspard's denials and assertions that he's not so capricious, a mutual attraction blossoms during his regular walks with Margot . . . until Gaspard finds Solene, a friend of Margot's, who seems to be the answer. Yes, she's the one, and Gaspard pledges his heart to this exciting newcomer . . . until Gaspard encounters Lena. One of Rhomer's most beautifully realized works, A SUMMER'S TALE is shot with the deeply loving yet ironic eye of a master filmmaker. (In French with English subtitles)

Eric Rohmer

Eric Rohmer

Margaret Menogoz

Diane Baratier

Mary Stephen

Principal Cast
Melvil Poupaud, Amanda Langlet, Gwenaelle Simon, Aurelia Nolin

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