Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square


Year: 1997
Country: Jamaica
Run Time: 97 minutes

De mirror, she got two faces mon! Tune your ears to the lilt of Jamaican patois and your body to a tropic beat and let this sunny comedy from Kingston-town take over. Marcia is familiar to islanders as a sassy pushcart vendor with minimal education and a fatherless brood to support. She tried to catch the eye of eligible landowner Larry, but he rejected careworn Marcia for the ripening charms of her unwilling 15-year-old daughter. Even worse, Marcia's brother Junior gets implicated in the gangland murder of his best friend. To escape her troubles, Marcia wades into the dance-club scene that dominates Kingston after dark; a sexually-charged fantasy land where outrageously-attired divas rule. Marcia invests in a complete makeover so she won't be recognized. It works; none other than Larry himself wants to possess this sultry, sequined newcomer. By day Junior's tormentor, the real murderer, sadistically lusts after Marcia. Using her double life and feminine wiles to best advantage, the dancehall "Mystery Lady" makes her bid for revenge, respect and empowerment, all at once. A panthon of West Indian music stars and a refreshing feminist angle crowns DANCEHALL QUEEN as CIFF royalty.

Suzanne Fenn, Ed Wallace, Don Letts, Carl Bradshaw

Rick Elgood, Don Letts

Carolyn Pfieffer, Carl Bradshaw

Louis Mulvey

Suzanne Fenn

Principal Cast
Audrey Reid, Paul Campbell, Carl Davis, Cherine Anderson, Mark Danvers, Patrice Harrison

Film Contact
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