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Year: 1998
Country: United States
Run Time: 77 minutes

It's too easy to compare DETENTION with "The Breakfast Club" of a decade ago. Straight up now, were the Brat Pack liable to end up jailed, homeless, or dead by age 20? Can you picture Molly Ringwald staring down the hot end of a Glock in homeroom? welcome to the '90s, and to the high school detention class of Ms. Dorthea Cecilia Edgerton Deakins. Here's 'Acirfa' Malik, melanin-rich militant princess, a victim of misplaced anger after learning of her Black Panther father's horrendous betrayal. Here's Sam Lincoln, a cocky star athlete gambling that his basketball skills will get him through life. Here's Langston Parker, surely no troublemaker, absorbed as he is in books and poetry. Yet his indulged intellect has become a shield against the outside world - and responsibility. Worst of all is Isaiah, the class incorrigible, a thug who only showed up because enemies await him oustide, strapped. But Ms. Deakins (who has a few histories herself) isn't letting him or any of her other charges go, not without a fight. Dedicated to teachers everywhere, DETENTION is an edgy drama of kids at risk and the courage to make a difference.

Darryl LeMont Wharton(based on his play)

Darryl LeMont Wharton

Donna Lynn Comegys, Darryl LeMont Wharton, Maxie D. Collier

Boots Shelton

Gershon F. Hinkson

Principal Cast
Charisse Browne, Justin Black, Keisha Harvin, John Hall, Kiatenai, Darryl LeMont Wharton, Regi Davis

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