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Year: 1997
Country: United States
Run Time: 127 minutes

A star is born with LAWN DOGS. Her name is Mischa Barton and she's the magnetic, ten-year-old leading lady of acclaimed director John Dugian's latest ode to unconventional, dangerous love. Treated for a congenital heart defect, little Devon is an overprotected newcomer to the exclusive housing development of Camelot Gardens. Disgusted that her cloying parents send her out to peddle a champion quantity of "Girl Ranger" cookies, Devon develops a more interesting routine - watching Trent Burns, 21-year-old lawnmower man from an unforgivably low caste, whose reckless sensuality and tainted past fascinate the high-born Camelot Garderns females. To the men he's no better than the weeds. Devon may behave wiser than her years, but she still trusts in fairy tales. Specifically, she transposes trailer-dwelling Trent into the hero in her retelling of the Russian tale of Babi Yaga the Witch. And it does indeed take something like magic to rescue Trent when he ploughs his way inot the septic tank of American social taboos. In LAWN DOGS the grass is no greener on the other side of the fence, but at least it grows free.

Naomi Wallace

John Duigan

Duncan Kenworthy

Elliot Davis

Humphrey Dixon

Principal Cast
Mischa Barton, Sam Rockwell, Christopher MacDonald, Kathleen Quinlan, Bruce McGill, David Berry Gray

Film Contact
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